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VDR Solutions: Which One Has the Best Support Services?

Modern companies are increasingly using digital data rooms to share confidential information such as contracts, research, or projects with contractors. In this article, we will compare the best VDR solutions in terms of customer support features.

The purpose of the data room support service

Deal management is one of the most complex tasks in management automation. The software includes management and accounting, document flow. Created based on modern information technologies, a virtual data room system is designed to increase the effectiveness of management by creating a single documented information space that gives users the means to effectively collaborate on documents anywhere and at any time.

With an increase in the number of contracts, organizations are faced with an urgent need:

  • to control the conclusion of contracts and the validity of the choice of counterparties;
  • optimization of the contract negotiation procedure;
  • formation and maintenance of an up-to-date dossier of contracts using a variety of sources to minimize risks;
  • ensuring prompt access to the dossier of the contract (or counterparty) for all interested parties;
  • monitoring the execution of contracts, including the fulfillment of financial obligations.

This task in organizations is solved through a certain formalization in special regulations, which subsequently become the basis for automating contractual activities with the help of a digital data room.

The global IT market is presented by the following top-rated data room vendors:

  • Intralinks
  • Ansarada
  • Firmex
  • Digify
  • Caplinked
  • iDeals
  • Merill
  • Securedoscs
  • Box

Data room comparative overview

Data room support service conducts extended consultations on system functionality and automation of new business processes. For convenience, the technical support website of most vendors has several mechanisms for tracking the current status of a case, for example, by clicking the “Communicate” button, all correspondence with software support specialists on this issue is available, and thanks to the color separation, you can determine the status of the case.

Most data room providers ensure the following functions of customer support service:

  • User, administrator, and developer consultations
  • Modification analysis and design
  • Custom development
  • Updating instructions, work regulations
  • System Usage Audit
  • System performance audit
  • Dedicated support and support team
  • Dedicated support team.

So, customer support is designed to help users with work in the system, organizational and methodological issues, and advise programmers and administrators on technical issues, administration, adaptation, and use of the software.

Thus, the support site becomes not only a knowledge base that helps solve the problems of using, configuring, and administering the data room system, but also an effective point of contact for system users with the service.

Other functions of data room customer support

The technical support will refine the business processes in the system and create new modules to meet current business needs Data room specialists will provide turnkey services:

  • acceptance and analysis of applications for modification;
  • development of a technical project (TP);
  • reviewing and approval of the TP developed by the client’s specialists;
  • software modifications for specific client situations (special data generation conditions; new and changing business processes, corporate reporting forms; management company requirements, etc.);
  • development of test scenarios, testing, and documentation of the modifications made;
  • adaptation (programming) and adjustment (changes in reference data in the system) following the request from the client for modification;
  • support for the period of trial operation.

Development is carried out using a domain-specific development tool that will help to adapt the system when implementing from scratch or develop functionality at the stage of further maintenance.